Nonlinear analysis

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction: Broadly speaking, mathematical analysis can be solved linearly and nonlinearly. In order to understand the situations in which nonlinear analysis is used it is important to know the circumstances for its execution.

Computer Vision: What is it?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction: The human vision is an important asset which allows the interpretation of several aspects in the world. These perceptions are numerous, for instance, observing a tree on the street, it is possible to notice different aspects of the plant such as colors, textures and shapes.


Reading Time: 4 minutes   Background: Aiming to innovate and break with the traditional human resources professionals selection methods, KOT searched for alternatives which would indeed guarantee suitable new hires. The result was the creation of the “KOT BUILD UP” competition which compels students to actively apply the knowledge acquired at university.

Discrete Event Simulation

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Background: Computer Aided Engineering, also known as CAE [1], can easily be defined by the usage of computers in order to improve or assist engineering solutions or the development of products for a wide range of industries.

Success Case: Auditing and Structural Analysis of a Slag Car

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Introduction: The inspection and analysis are two very important tools when it comes to the promotion of the integrity of an asset. They can be used, for instance, to verify potential flaws in the project, unforeseen/unknown phenomena investigation and the supply of technical support for maintenance planning.

Project Auditing

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Introduction: Within the engineering context, Project Auditing, also known as Design Review or Cross Check, consists on the verification of a wide spectrum of the project in different disciplines such as mechanical, civil or structural engineering.

The CARE Methodology

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Background: Seeking to offer an Engineering solution aimed at promoting the care of its clients' assets, KOT Engenharia developed CARE, a term from Portuguese which means - Asset Control for Structural Revitalization.

Numerical Analysis

Reading Time: 6 minutes   Introduction: In general, three methodologies stand out in the search for solutions to problems within the field of engineering, namely: analytical, experimental and numerical methods. To understand the numerical method it is necessary to know the others methodologies listed. In this article we will present the concept of the three methods and explore the...