The accident investigation process requires high level of technical knowledge in order to point out the possible causes, which must satisfy the causal link between the facts and the observed events that led to loss.

Equipment failures occur for several reasons such as: deficiencies in design for a specific application, lack of proper maintenance, operating conditions outside the limits of the equipment or natural events.

KOT Engineering experts provide high level of technical analysis, adopting advanced CAE softwares and 3D animation tools, with proven experience in large insurance cases, mainly involving mechanical and structural failures. The use of such advanced tools provides a different approach to the standard expert analysis available in the insurance market.

KOT has a large number of successful cases, and offers the following solutions for technical expertise and investigation of accidents:

1. Site surveying and property casualty inspection, using forensic methodologies to determine the possible causes of the accident. During surveys and inspections, the following techniques may be used:

  • Non destructive testing: dye penetrant inspection, ultrasound, thermography;
  • Vibration (accelerometers);
  • Videoscope;
  • Visual and photographic survey, drone;

2. Analysis of all documentation generated during the investigation process;

3. Accident reconstruction using Virtual Reality Technology (video animations);

4. Determination of the causes and circumstances of the event in the following fields of knowledge:

  • Metallic structures;
  • Large mining equipment, stackers, reclaimers, conveyors
  • Bridges;
  • Onshore and offshore structures;
  • Dynamics of structures, buildings, equipment and machinery;
  • Structural and mechanical equipment;
  • Maintenance issues;

5. Participations in surveys, meetings and technical discussions during the research process;

6. Estimation of the loss;

7. Studies reports, with periodic updates whenever necessary;